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Innovation is the impetus of development and the responsibility of company,"research and innovation"is always the concept we insisted.
  • 作为传统制造业中不可或缺的环节,电镀在创造经济价值和工作机会的同时,对环境也造成了不可逆转的严重破坏,这显然同现代化工业的主旨背道而驰。 这一大背景下,使用过程中不会产生任何废液、不会破坏环境的全新喷镀技术——纳米喷镀技术应运而生!

  • in 1. new repair's rooms has irritates the nose, dazzlingly and so on irritant smells, and the long time does not disperse; 2. every morning get out of bed when felt that nauseating oppressed, have a dizzy spell; The family member catches cold frequently ......

  • The new home just repaired, must carry on the science to the room noxious gas the government. Some people recommended that in a indoor planter plant, actually, the plant elimination noxious gas's effect is restricted ......

  • The new home repair, will always not be from now on able to avoid the formaldehyde appearance. The formaldehyde is one kind of achromatic color, has the intense stimulation smell gas. The formaldehyde is the oleo stock poisonous material, can with the protein union ......

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