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Just repaired which does the house have to the human to jeopardize

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The new home just repaired, must carry on the science to the room noxious gas the government.

Some people recommended that in a indoor planter plant, actually, the plant elimination noxious gas's effect is restricted, at best can take the indoor environment government only the supplementary means. Said a more explicit point is only then works as when indoor air mild concentration, the plant can be up a points minor function for the elimination unusual smell. When indoor air pollutant serious exceeding the allowed figure, the plant was helpless.

After house repair pollution, according to national standards "Civil construction Project Indoor environment Contamination control Standard" the stipulation, lists the formaldehyde, the benzene, the ammonia, the radon, the TVOC five projects. Therefore, uses any type the government product and the government method, must act according to in the indoor air what deleterious substance exceeding the allowed figure as well as the exceeding the allowed figure degree actual situation can make the selection.

Therefore, the environmental protection expert pointed out that after house repair, first has the necessity to carry on the indoor aerial detection, by determines the indoor air pollution the actual situation. Then, can act appropriately to the situation carries on the valid government.

Theoretically speaking, in noxious gas's formaldehyde's release time is in 3-15, therefore, must the comprehensive program of public order, otherwise in the short-term will also present the rebound. About repairs in the second wife in the air the formaldehyde content, the national standards is I category of civil construction is smaller than the 0.08mg/cubic meter, II category of civil construction is smaller than the 0.12mg/cubic meter. If test result exceeding the allowed figure in 0.5~2 time of between mild concentration, may ventilate, chemistry neutral through the windowing, the adsorption and so on quite simple method carries on the science government; If exceeds the allowed figure in 2~4 time of between moderate pollution, should look for the specialized conditions government company to use the synthesis method to carry on the air government, enables the indoor air pollution after the government to be under the check can move in; If exceeds the allowed figure achieves above 4 times, even 10 times, the jeopardy is so bigger, the human in such conditions, entered the gas chamber without doubt ......

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