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The new home eliminates the formaldehyde method to compile

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The new home repair, will always not be from now on able to avoid the formaldehyde appearance. The formaldehyde is one kind of achromatic color, has the intense stimulation smell gas. The formaldehyde is the oleo stock poisonous material, can with when the protein union, the highly concentrated inspiration presents the respiratory tract serious stimulation and dropsy, the eye stimulation, the headache. Today to everybody introduced some new homes eliminate the formaldehyde method, is most valid with any elimination formaldehyde.

1st, the windowing ventilates.

2nd, green plants absorption. The green vegetation adsorption and the windowing ventilate: The characteristic, the green plants process load is too small, windowing easy and climatic conditions limit.

3rd, puts the activated charcoal. Activated carbon adsorption technology: Adsorbs chemistry pollutant using the pore technology manufacture's adsorption material, to the formaldehyde, the ammonia effect is very good; Flaw: Short-term easy saturated, must regenerate, must replace frequently.

4th, nanometer photochemical catalysis technology: Using nanometer photochemical catalysis resolution formaldehyde; Flaw: Micro, the effect is small. Nanotechnology catalysis technology effective quick, eliminates the formaldehyde thoroughly. Flaw: Needs specialized to eliminate the formaldehyde personnel to operate.

5th, the cover technology (atomization, whitewashes): Carries on cover processing to the source of pollution; Flaw: The surface is good, but the formaldehyde still slowly released.

6th, oxidized technology: Using strong oxidized identity, resolution pollution; Flaw: Virulent.

7th, the formaldehyde resolution technology, the use noble metal platinum gold resolves under the normal temperature the formaldehyde the carbon dioxide and the water, does not have any two pollution.

8th, ore crystal formaldehyde scavenging agent: Uses the use volcanic rock, the bentonite, the sepiolite, the concave-convex stick, the diatomaceous earth and so on pure native ore crystal material, increase nanometer titanium dioxide light materials and so on catalyst material and air catalyst. Ceases two pollution. Secure valid.

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