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The indoor environment pollutes 10 big symptoms

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in 1. new repair's rooms has irritates the nose, dazzlingly and so on irritant smells, and the long time does not disperse;

2. every morning get out of bed when felt that nauseating oppressed, have a dizzy spell; The family member catches cold frequently;

3. family member long-term spirits, have a poor appetite; Does not smoke actually frequently feels the throat to be ill, the breath is impeded;

in 4. families the child coughs frequently, the immunity drops;

5. family members have the group sends the skin sensibility phenomenon;

6. family members altogether have one symptom, after and leaves home, the symptom changes for the better obviously;

7. newlyweds long-term sterile, also cannot find out the reason;

in 8. pregnant women normal conditions is pregnant actually detected that the baby is abnormal;

9. moves newly or in the new repair house the plant is not easy to survive;

10. domestic pets are bewildered died.

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