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In vehicle air pollution

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In the vehicle the air dirt bribes the automobile interior, because does not ventilate the air quality bad situation which, reasons and so on chassis repair create. In the vehicle the air source of pollution mainly comes from the chassis itself, the decoration timber wood and so on, in which formaldehyde, the xylene, the benzene and so on toxic substance pollution effect is most serious. in September, 2012, “the healthy automobile examination report” indicated that 11 section of mainstream vehicle types have the carcinogenic risk general possibly, Chang An, Qirui, Shanghai, enterprises and so on Hua Chen qualify, but is carcinogenic comes from in the vehicle the air quality to contain the careinogen.

Pollution origin

1. New car itself

Our country family automobile's market demand caused very many automobiles to get down the production line directly to enter the market, each kind of fitting and the material noxious gas and the smell have not released the time, installed in vehicle's plastic, the rug, the vehicle roof felt, the sofa and so on, if according to the strict environmental protection requirement, will not cause in vehicle's air pollution directly. Therefore, checks in the vehicle the pollution to obtain from the Manufacturer, to enters in vehicle's each material to carry on the strict odor control.

2. In the vehicle decorates

The majority consumers will buy the vehicle later to carry on in the vehicle to decorate, some vehicles opened period of time also to carry on the decoration, but also some dealers also take bought the vehicle to deliver the decoration as the favorable conditions, some included the deleterious substance place rubber, the place sleeve, the adhesive enter to the vehicle, in these finishing materials included the noxious gas, mainly included the benzene, the formaldehyde, the acetone, the xylene and so on, definitely will cause in vehicle's air pollution, [1] lets the human be poisoned unconscious, had symptoms gradually and so on headache, asthenia. Serious time will present dermatitis, asthma, the immunity is low, will be the white blood cell reduction!

3. The vehicle uses the air conditioning evaporator

If the vehicle does not carry on clean nursing with the air conditioning evaporator long time, will adhere to stick cohere the massive dirt in its interior, will produce the amine, the smoke alkali, the bacterium and so on deleterious substance will fill the air in the vehicle in the narrow and small space, will cause in the vehicle the air quality bad even oxygen deficit. At the same time, because the automobile space is small and narrow, the new car leak-proof quality is quite good, the air circulation is impeded, in the vehicle the air volume are not originally many, in addition in the vehicle overlapping pollution between passenger's is serious, in the automobile noxious gas exceeding the allowed figure the jeopardy degree is bigger than house indoor noxious gas exceeding the allowed figure to the human body. When in the air the carbon dioxide density achieves 0.5%, the human will present uncomfortablenesses and so on headache, dizziness.

4. In the vehicle smokes

If the driver or the passenger smokes, not only will add the volatile organic compound, the carbon monoxide and the dust and so on air pollutant level greatly, it will disseminate smell also possible association president the time to pause in the compartment

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